Using Article Sites For SEO Google Ranking

Article marketing is one of the highly awarding methods for online marketing and it can also help you achieve good SEO Google Ranking. With the various article directories you can get a good amount of marketing done however with a little more focus and attention you will be able to use all features that are offered by these directories. You can maximize the results and traffic for your website with the effective use of the tips and suggestions from these sites. With all the information and the data provided to you by most of these sites you can decide on what you want to do and how you can get it done.

You can always have a link between your accounts with article directories and social networking sites. In this way whenever an article is added, there will be a quick update on the Twitter or Facebook account. By doing this you not only enhance the circulation of the article but also get a lot of quality links to your website. Such a thing also makes your social networking account a lot relevant for various keywords. You can also have a link back to your parent site from the social networking sites, this will serve you a great deal as well.

The next thing you can do is concentrate on your article titles, you will realize that the title is crucial for your SEO Google Ranking. With article directory you also get title suggestions and you even get monthly reports that give you suggested keywords for articles related to your niche. While most people ignore them, you can use them for your benefit. You can be sure that most of the suggestions are well researched and quite professional as well. Using them wisely would mean that your articles will be more relevant for keywords and your article will be placed higher.

While you select a keyword for an article you can simultaneously create a page for it on your website and link the keyword from the article to the web page. In this way you have a better chance of achieving the SEO Google Ranking that you desire.

If there is any author ranking or author level that you attain on these sites, you can display it on your website. In this way your reputation as a quality provider will also increase and you can get a good number of customers.