TV Celebs Talk About How The World Revolves Around Technology

Digital literacy or Computer literacy has become one of the prime necessities and one of the new life skills in this age. Every year on December 2, World Computer Literacy Day is observed to raise awareness and promote digital literacy. This Computer Literacy Day, TV artists talk about how they learned computers and keep up to date with the latest technology, with little help from their peers, friends, and even youngsters in their families.

Aayudh Bhanushali
Aayudh Bhanushali Instagram

My grandparents sometimes find it difficult to cope with all the new technologies around them, especially computers. My grandfather retired before the development of advanced computer technology, so he has a very rudimentary understanding of how computers work. Whenever I am at home or not shooting, I teach my grandpa the basics of computers and even help him discover new things on his smartphone. Now he has become a pro, and one can often spot him watching videos, playing games or even video calling all of us. He can utilise his time learning, reading, or exploring subjects of his interest so that he does not get bored. Thanks to technology for connecting us with our family and friends, even though we are miles apart.

Yogesh Tripathi
Yogesh Tripathi Instagram

There was a time I was not well versed with computers and the latest technologies. But with time, I learnt it as it became an essential skill to operate and be connected. Our life revolves around technology, and the world has shrunk with everyone connected via technology. In contrast, I agree that human interactions, especially with family and friends, are still the best way to express our feelings towards them. However, technological advancement allowed us to explore the world using only our fingertips. The distance and the availability of information are just a click away and have made our lives easy, comfortable and fast. I learn or discover something new thanks to these youngsters who are quick to adapt, learn and be informed about the latest tech. So, I get to know something from them now and then.

Aasif Sheikh
Aasif Sheikh Instagram

It is no surprise that information technology facilitates critical thinking and decision-making in the modern world. Even though I am a tech expert and make it a point to update myself with the latest tech, apps, or trends, social media is something that I have not been able to ace personally. Though I have a team that works with me and manages my page, I am sometimes surprised by new trends that suddenly come up. It is not easy to keep that pace. But it is an essential tool for us to be active on social media and stay connected with our fans and audience. So, whenever I have free time, I enlist the assistance of my children to explore the process and learn various skills for creating things. My kids are just a call away when I make online payments or fill out forms. I am glad that computer education is now required in all Indian schools, arming Generation Z with knowledge. Using information technology correctly will make our nation more progressive and advanced.