Top 7 Mistakes In Website Design

When building a website or engaging a company to build a website for you it’s important to ensure your website does not contain any of these top 7 mistakes in Web Design:

Website Design Mistake #1: Spelling Mistakes

Often content for your website is produced quickly and missed the normal spell check that you would do on marketing material. It is unprofessional to have words that are spelt incorrectly on your website and you should double check all materials.

Website Design Mistake #2: Using Frames

This is more a technical mistake made by developers who are trying to cut corners and produce work quicker. By using frames URL’s stop working, navigation becomes difficult and your page can not be book marked. All of this leads to a negative user experience and can dramatically affect your website.

Website Design Mistake #3: Complex URL’s

Users of your site who like a certain page will at times try to remember the page so they can easily navigate back to the page. URL’s which contain things like? asd987!89 become confusing to the visitor and will distract from further visits.

Website Design Mistake #4: Non-Standard Link Colours

When you are trying to link to another page within text most users are used to seeing blue links, so when you change the link colour this can confuse them and cause them not to click. When trying to navigate a user using text links try to stay with the standard blue.

Website Design Mistake #5: Not Formatting A Print View

Believe it or not, a percentage of your visitors will wish to print out your page so you need to ensure you provide a print view of your page that does not lose any important information.

Website Design Mistake #6: Text Layout

Newspapers break up their paragraphs into short and sharp sentence groups for a reason; you should do the same for your website. By making short and sharp sentence groups you will entertain the reader for longer and achieve your goals of conversion.

Website Design Mistake #7: Pop Up Windows

This is a major mistake made by some developers where they open an entire website into a pop up window. Users are comfortable with browsing your site in their browser not a pop up window. Don’t over complicate your site and confuse your user.

As you can see there are many mistakes that are often made with regards to website development and it’s important to avoid these mistakes. When hiring a developer make sure you ask them about these specific areas and see what other issues they are also aware of.