The Advantages of Online Fax Services

The Advantages of Online Fax Services

The traditional fax machine is no more a preferred mode of communication in today’s era of web conferencing and smartphones, but the fax had it’s own technological revolution: the online fax service. Internet fax is the latest combination of sending an email to anyone in the world, all combined with the convenience and the security of sending a fax to a designated number. All you must do is to subscribe to a web based faxing service company which will provide you a fax number.

Whether you own a small business or you are one of the employees of a large organization, online fax services will definitively simplify your processes and save your company money.

Read the benefits you can get from this kind of service:

– Internet fax allows you to send, receive and check your faxes on a web-based platform or on your email, which are secured by a valid username and password. You can store an unlimited number of fax messages online.

– A useful characteristic of online fax is the scalability. The companies that prefer Internet faxes rather than using the traditional method have generous offers from the side of fax service providers.

– Sending faxes by way of the Internet is very simple. You won’t need a landline or a fax machine. You just have to attach JPG, PDF or any other supported online formats to your electronic mail and send it. Some companies provide fax softwares that make sending and receiving process much easier and more efficient.

– Using the Internet fax is environment friendly. Previously a lot of paper was wasted, because every single file received was printed out such as unimportant and spam message.

– An online fax costs less compared to the traditional faxing method. This is due to the fact that you don’t need a machine, a landline, ink or paper. For example, from 2009 to 2012, the rising price of ink-based cartridges caused per-page cost of printing to increase 4% to 30%. Over the same period the toner per-page costs increased between 5.5% to 28%. Excluding ink and toner costs can add up to significant savings. Besides, you are also spared from repair and maintenance charges. It’s difficult to approximate the fees as it depends on region, but for the visit of a technician expect to pay about $50.

– You can send and receive faxes just anywhere with a computer and internet facility. This is helpful for business people who travel. Since the internet is widely used nowadays, your clients and contacts will have an easier and much more convenient method to send your fax messages. They won’t have anymore frustrations on getting busy signals and establishing connections.

– Fax mailing is a universal B2B direct marketing tool and potentially one of the most efficient. You can use this resource to spread information to your existing or new potential clients. Fax mailing is the only direct marketing tool that shows you how many messages were successfully sent.

– Online faxing helps simplify common tasks and reduces the amount of time organizing and filing the faxes. Some top fax providers have applications that enable you to send and receive faxes from your smartphone. You can even receive a fax, add you digital signature and send it from your computer or mobile device.

– This service is much more orderly as you’ll no longer have problems with the paper or the messy ink. And instead of having piles of faxes on your desk, they are all organized in an online fax inbox. Online faxing services greatly reduce the probability of a lost or a misplaced fax, because you receive them directly to your computer. The office fax machine is often located at a central printing station and there is always a chance that you incoming faxes getting carried away by somebody or thrown away.