The 3 R’s of Networking

In order to be successful at networking, you have to find value in it. Making networking a priority and spending time developing your networks are keys to creating positive advantages. What is your purpose for building networks and relationships? Why do you want to invest your time, money and energy? How is it going to improve your academics, career or business?

Listed below are a few ways that you can make the most of your business and social endeavors.


Take the time to be prepared and have a plan or strategy for constructing your networks. Create a list of objectives or goals and plan out your calendar. Join professional groups and associations to gain insight in your industry or field. Sharpen your social and technical skills as a form of development. Also, enhance your communication skills through conversations and dialogues.


Relationships are very critical when growing your networks. It is important to foster these relations to create opportunities to do business. Building trust and credibility with others definitely ensures quality and beneficial exchange. Find ways to continue connecting and supporting one another. Each individual should be held accountable for the growth of the relationship.


Appreciate your counterpart and show gratitude whenever possible. Respect their efforts and time as a form of professionalism and proper business protocol. Although a form of etiquette, respect also shows a sense of commitment. Being respectful can also improve your brand, image and reputation.

Use these helpful tips to reinforce your reasons for networking and developing quality relationships. Adding value and being intentional are excellent ways of growing a productive network.