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Top 10 technology startup stories of 2022

Computer Weekly’s 2022 startup coverage included a number of case studies on how startups are collaborating with a variety of organisations, from helping refugee support groups with the underlying tech of a system for reporting against migrants, to helping the UK government circumvent end-to-end encryption. Other coverage looked at general startup trends, including the […]

Top 10 technology and ethics stories of 2022

A major focus of Computer Weekly’s technology and ethics coverage in 2022 was on working conditions throughout the tech sector, from the issue of forced labour and slavery throughout technology supply chains, to UK Amazon workers staging spontaneous “wildcat” strikes in response to derisory pay rises and warehouse conditions. Other stories in this vein […]

Immersive Virtual Reality Technology Further Advances Honda’s EV Design Capabilities

Next-generation VR was key technology in styling of 2024 Honda Prologue EV VR provides immersive environments for Honda designers and engineers to collaborate on next generation of products TORRANCE, Calif., Dec. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Honda is leveraging advanced virtual reality (VR) technology to develop future products ranging from the full-electric 2024 Honda Prologue to […]

CPS spent $308M on school technology, needs clear plan for use

The COVID-19 pandemic and a historic infusion of federal dollars spurred a technology revolution in Chicago’s public schools — a monumental shift from a district where students had limited access to computers to one where officials say there are as many devices as students. Chicago Public Schools leaders say this allows teachers to implement a […]

TechScape: Meet ChatGPT, the viral AI tool that may be a vision of our weird tech future | Technology

AI tech, for so long a promising vision of the future but an underwhelming experience in the present, is starting to work. And the world is going to get weird as a result. ChatGPT is the latest AI tool to go viral, sparking worry and wonder in equal measure. From our story: The system … […]

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