Spoken Word – Improve Your 30 Second Speech

Spoken Word – Improve Your 30 Second Speech

At networking, business and social events, professionals are constantly introducing themselves and making connections. There are several important aspects of networking to consider such as professional image and the way that you introduce yourself to others. Your introduction should be clear, concise, credible and creative. People should be able to know you, what you do and how they can connect you to their network of friends, family and colleagues. Listed below are five tips, techniques and tactics for creating a great pitch for networking success!

#1 Opening Pitch

First state your full name, profession/position and company. Let your business counterpart know how many years you have been working with the company or working within your present position. You can mention one or two points of your job description.

#2 Brief Case

Instead of being a service/product or brand “pusher”, explain to your business counterpart a problem that you were able to solve for a client/customer. Describe to them how the customer/client benefited from your expertise, knowledge or work. Take this time to show that you are compassionate about your work or enjoy helping people or like making a difference within your organization.

#3 Picture Perfect

Describe your ideal client/customer/business partner to your business counterpart. Paint a picture, with words, of who you work with specifically or the industries that you collaborate with on projects/programs/ventures. This will give the other person a clear idea of who can use your services or types of people that you want to include in your network.

#4 Delivery Service

When you are giving your 30-second speech there are a few aspects that you should consider. Make sure that you are making eye contact with your business counterpart. Stand up with straight posture and keep your hand at waist side, do not cross your arms or put your hands in your pockets. Adjust the tone of your voice and speak slightly slower. And do not chew gum or speak with food in your mouth.

#5 Remember the Time

As stated earlier in the article, make sure that your speech is clear, concise, credible and creative. Before attending another networking event, you should practice writing your speech and memorizing it. It is very possible to include all the elements above in 30 seconds or less.