Sony Rolly Dancing MP3 Player – That’s Right, A Dancing Robotic MP3

Miniature robots are all the rage nowadays and more of these wonderful devices and gadgets are being welcomed to many standard homes because of its increasing affordability and the Sony Rolly dancing MP3 player is a part of that line up. This new little device combines Sony’s powerful brand for audio with big advancements in robotic technology to produce a cool music player that can dance to the beats and complete with flashing LEDs.

Intriguing Design – Just from looking at the mysterious egg-shaped gadget, you know it is a product of the future. Nobody can tell the power of the device until it turns on and grooves while playing the music. It’s compact and fits in the palm of your hand so you can take your Rolly anywhere you go. It is stylish too with several colors to choose from to suit your tastes. Get yourself the CKR-SE10 carrying accessory to make sure your Rolly safe from travel.

Small and Loud – Don’t be fooled by its size! Its built-in speakers have enough sound power to liven up a small room. And it’s not your typical radio either, as it can play MP3, ATRAC, and AAC formats of more than 300 kbps.

A Playlist Worth Dancing To – Sony Rolly has an internal 1 or 2 GB flash memory that is capable of storing hundreds of standard quality music or can be optionally streamed via Bluetooth for remote playing. The battery lasts at 4-5 hours maximum, which is more than enough for grooving and watching the Sony Rolly play and dance away. It can easily be charged with the USB 2.0 cable that can also be used for transferring new music. Shuffle up your music for more dancing surprises.

Solid Performer – What separates this most from the other portable music players is the ability to feel beats and sound and dance to it in sync with the song. It’s snappy, speedy, and full of surprises. You can even choreograph and program dance moves in the Rolly’s memory using special software that it comes with. No matter what style of music is being played, the Sony Rolly knows how to groove and you can help it perform better or exactly the way you want to. It’s a wonderful way to impress your friends and get others to buy it.

Power in Numbers – What happens when you put a few Sony Rollys together and play the same song? They all move together like a perfect dance performance controlled by your favorite songs. It’s a fun sight to see and control all thanks to powerful robotic technology combined with Bluetooth control.

This cool futuristic player costs just roughly above $300 and that’s more than enough to not only hear your music clearly, but see how your Rolly responds to it. You most likely get music every now and then so the Sony Rolly MP3 Player never gets boring. There are increasing improvements to the choreograph software so you can teach it new moves to the new songs you’ll get. It’s a fantastic and affordable little robot that you, friends, and family can enjoy.