Some SEO Tools That Rock

A webmaster who plans on doing SEO with their bare hands should realize that doing so is an act of suicide. In order for a particular search engine optimization campaign to succeed, a web marketer should use the right SEO tools to make the task more efficient and more effective.

With a good SEO tool you will be able to reduce the workload big time and will let you push your website to rank high in Google quite easily. Fortunately, you can already find a lot of competent SEO tools for free that are all designed to fill in every need and purpose of website optimization.

And because SEO is perhaps the ultimate way to achieve online marketing success, more and more tools have become advanced. Today, almost all SEO tools can be used at each stage of the process – from keyword research to analysis of your SEO campaign results.

If you are currently in the hunt for the most capable tools, here are some of the most popular SEO softwares you can use for your endeavors. And the best part of these tools is that, they offer huge SEO help free of charge.

  • Google AdWords Keyword Tool

It is a universal fact that when it comes to ensuring the success of any SEO campaign, choosing the right keyword to bet on is the first step. While there is no rule prohibiting you from making up your own list of keywords to optimize your website for, getting out there and facing the competition on your own is working in the dark.

Google AdWords lets you figure out which keywords to target so that your SEO efforts will not be useless. It provides a list of suggestions on popular keywords, shows how tight the competition for such keyword is, displays estimated traffic volumes of every keyword and keyword phrase, and a whole lot more.

  • SEO Book Rank Checker

Apart from knowing which particular keywords to target you should also need to measure the fluctuations of your website’s rankings, and to do that, you need a good tool for checking your rank in the search results. SEO Book’s Rank Checker is a Firefox plug in that allows you to run your website’s ranking check in the three biggest search engines – Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

In a few seconds, you will see your website’s positions for every targeted keyword. Simply enter your website’s URL and the keywords that you want to check for positions, and voila!

  • Compete (

It is also wise to monitor and analyze the online competition that you are in, and will let you do just that. Using Compete, you will see traffic and engagement metrics for a particular targeted website as well as look for websites for affiliate and link building tasks.