Social Media – How to Use Facebook for Your Business

Social Media – How to Use Facebook for Your Business

The internet has become a major part of our daily lives whether it’s for official use or just to maintain your online status. Since the number of internet users are growing on a daily basis and are spending a lot of their time online, businesses had no other option than to mark their presence online as well. Search engine optimization or commonly known as SEO was one of the major marketing methods used by all online businesses, after years of its dominance in the online marketing world “PPC” or pay per click had made a mark from the major Internet companies such Google, Yahoo and MSN (now known as Bing).

This form of marketing is slightly more expensive than the previous kind but the value it provided was on incomparable. Slowly and gradually businesses started to increase in the online world and had to clash with the same industries in the form of keywords that were being searched for, since the major players in the market could afford to pay more they always maintained an upper hand and hence their competitions could no longer match their opponents.

As time passed by, businesses that were ruling the search engines continued to do so and the businesses that had a large pocket could dominate their competitions through PPC. Social Media Networking came in the form hi5, Orkut and MySpace, which caught the eyes of the younger generations and soon became a part of their daily lives slowly and gradually growing by the numbers. The growing numbers started including adults as well and since than each month the numbers keep growing. Than came the era of Facebook, it’s highly not possible if you are not aware of this particular social media network site as it’s become the number one website to be logged on. Facebook changed revolutionized the social media era, over night it became a concern for major players like Yahoo and Google.

One of the most unique forms of marketing came early a bit later in the 21st century termed as Social Media Marketing, since almost every internet user was logging in on Facebook businesses again had no choice but to come to them as well. If you have an online business or your business has an online presence a Facebook business page is a must for you. There are many companies on Facebook taking advantage of the power of social media and its benefits for your businesses are incomparable.

Following is the 5 things you need to do, to make the most of your Facebook business page.

1. Have a custom built fan page that’s eye candy! It important as it reflects your business.
2. Where ever possible get people to know that you are on Facebook. Marketing your Facebook business page is more beneficial than marketing yourself or your business.
3. Interact with your future customers, get to know them. Just don’t show interest for the sake of it. Give some time to them.
4. Do NOT talk about yourself. You are trying to build a community for your business not about it.
5. Don’t miss a day. Out of sight! Out of mind!!