Should People in All Countries Have Equal Access to All Technological Developments?

Should People in All Countries Have Equal Access to All Technological Developments?

Ever wondered about the above title question? Will it be a yes or no? What do you think? Let’s dive into a discussion. Read on to find out.

Well, people who can afford technological developments should be allowed access. Thos who cannot can still do so by managing, budgeting and saving. These technological developments entice both rural and urban people alike and both the categories want to learn and use them.

As a result, the literacy rate rises, so does the economy and the country’s outlook gets better.

Government authorities can take the measures to censor obscene scenes, pictures and sites so that the little and adolescents are not spoiled at an early age. It is equally good to maintain peace, harmony and balance among young dating people.

What are some of the technological developments? In fact these include but are not limited to IOT (internet of things), smart phone, TAB, iPad, iPod, laptops, notebooks etc and applications such as Instagram, Google map, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the lot.

All of these are fun to use for both the old and young as well as the urban and rural. The old can keep in touch with their children and grandchildren while the rural can connect to more modern and urban relatives. Everyone benefits and everyone is happy having access to the technological developments.

On the overall, I don’t see any reason why people of a nation, especially a developing one should lack the privilege of using technological developments because they too form the media of education and learning and hence literacy. If a nation gets encouraged to develop themselves through these means, why not? Give them access and rights and they will not only love it but also benefit as well.

Talking of benefits, what are some of them? The people in rural and urban areas get familiarized with numerals and words in the English language and also their native language. They are able to understand many signs and icons which are helpful in the new age. They learn to use applications via digital gadgets, which is a plus in career and work niches.

Learning the English and native languages along with signs and symbols, it is easy for rural people to transition to the cities and for city people to move to developed countries and therefore, upgrade their status, outlook and be financially free.

Therefore, this is the modern era. So as I mentioned earlier, with censoring being active country-wide, the people of any nation should be allowed to access all the technological developments, especially the benign and beneficial ones.