SEO Techniques – Why Bother?

In order to give you some valuable material AND a big dose of motivation, in this post, I’ve listed the top 25 reasons to use SEO techniques in your marketing campaigns.

Please keep in mind, I’ve not listed these in any particular order. Here you go:

1. SEO helps your business get found on the first page of Google and other search engines.

2. SEO is the most cost-effective method of claiming your spot on the first page of Google.

3. Research shows that 90% of us do not go past the first page after searching something.

4. 75% of viewers don’t look beyond the first five items on the search page.

5. Typically a website gets over 60% of its traffic from organic search results.

6. Between 80-90% of all clicks online are on organic searches results when people browse.

7. Unless people can find your website, you may as well close the doors to your online business.

8. If your website is brand new or several years old, it can be tweaked to suit search engines.

9. It positions you ahead of the competition that provides the same things you do.

10. You can tweak your keywords so you’re found in the local market if you desire.

11. Your meta tags, title tags and header tags will contain keywords that help rank your site.

12. You have control over the keyword density on your pages.

13. The back links you put in place helps you obtain higher ranking with search engines.

14. Your site is given recognition when you have back links from other big name sites.

15. If you choose to hire an SEO expert, it’s an upfront cost rather than an ongoing expense.

16. Your marketing is geared for the client to find you rather than you chasing them.

17. You can enjoy the luxury of sustained traffic long-term without paying for ads.

18. It’s not labor intensive to maintain and update your site once the initial work is done.

19. There’s flexibility for your investment of time and money to put everything in place.

20. Once everything is built correctly, the content stays and keeps driving traffic.

21. Search results affect URL recall which helps the continuation of visitors to your pages.

22. Once you lay the ground work of building a content rich website and applied SEO strategies, thereafter, you’re free to run your business as opposed to tracking ads necessarily.

23. Research says jumping from the 11th spot to number 10 gives over 140% more traffic.

24. Long-term, SEO is less expensive compared to paid ads on the first page of Google.

25. Once you’ve obtained a Google-first-page ranking, it’s fairly easy to stay put.

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