SEO Seduction Secrets Unmasked

Understanding SEO is a fundamental requisite to achieve success in internet marketing.The search engine optimization techniques help your website to rank high on major search engines that send targeted organic traffic to your site. By mastering SERP, you can rule any niche of your choice.

Over the years, the algorithm that search-engines use to rank pages has changed considerably. It began with a simple formula focused on keyword density and has shifted to a complex system where the authority sites play a major role in choosing the expert sites in any niche. Due to the frequency of change in algorithms, it has become important for websites to focus on a long-term strategy to rank high on the search engines.

Franck’s e-book on SEO Seduction Secrets got my attention by ranking on Google’s first page for a very competitive key phrase “Affiliate Marketing”. Most search engines optimization e-books discuss the importance of being listed on the first page of Google, but none of them teach how to achieve this fast using simple techniques.

I started by reading the last chapter of his book that discussed how to get your site ranked on first page of Google in a matter of days. On his website, you can see the screen shots of how he did it. After reading the chapter, it took me less than an hour to get one of my sites rank #1 on Google using the same twenty step method that he discussed in the fourth chapter of his e-book, although I confess my chosen keywords were not as competitive as the key phrase he used in his book.

Another powerful chapter that I read on SERPs discussed how a site could become an authority site combining two techniques that the search-engines love. One of the techniques he explained in great depth in his book is LSI or latent semantic indexing. In brief, the theory behind LSI is that,for any keyword you use, there are several other keywords that the search engines index from the authority sites in the same context.

What I find different about SEO Seduction Secrets is that the techniques it teaches do not trick the search engines into giving you a temporary higher rank but they actually favor the search-engines. This also means that search-engines will naturally rank the pages that use SEO seduction secrets higher than their competitor sites.

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