SEO Advice – Top Places to Get High PR Links to Boost Your Site in Google

High PR links are the “super weapons” of search engine optimization because they can determine if your site ranks on the first page or last. Links from sites that have PR2-9 are some of the best ways that you can boost your rankings, but are some of the most difficult to get. Here’s where you can get them from…

1) Blog Comments On High PR Blog Posts – Posting a comment on someone’s blog post is an easy way to get links… but most of the blogs out there are not very good quality at all. You need to find a blog post that has a high page rank and to do that, you can type “your keyword + your gravatar icon” into Google and then just look through all the results.

2) News Coverage – This might seem out of your league but it’s actually very easy to do. Getting news coverage is a great way to get links from high quality sites… and a nice trick of how to get some media coverage is to just give some money to charity. Your local zoo, hospital or children’s home… get your business to devote maybe $500 and then make sure you tell the news about it. You’ll get a lot of high quality links & brand recognition for the investment of $500 (not to mention helping out a charity).

3) Forum Links – Forums are great places to get links. There are lots of lists of “High PR forums” (just look it up on Google) where you can sign up and start posting away. Make sure you put a link to your site in your signature and then post about 10-20 posts. This will allow you to get some nice links from a high PR site.

4) ‘Link Bait’ – This is where you write a piece of content with the sole intention of it getting links from other leading blogs in your market. You could write an article such as “101 ways to…”, “50 things to do…” or “Top 10″…. and you’ll find a lot of blogs linking to you for it.

5) Paid Links – Paying for high quality links is a good way to get them but it can be expensive. If you go to link marketplaces, web masters with PR4-6 blogs will offer blog posts for $40+ and you can normally pick up some “site wide” links for $30+ a month as well. Although these might seem expensive, they are a very good way to get to the top of Google but you need to know what you’re doing.

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