Secret Of A Successful PPC Campaign

You may have tried PPC marketing and decided it didn’t work. Yet it’s not too difficult to set up a successful PPC campaign.

So why do so many PPC campaigns fail? In most cases it’s because your costs exceed your profits. And why is this? Often it’s because you’re too anxious to get clicks!

There’s one golden rule you have to remember for PPC marketing. PPC stands for “Pay Per Click”! So every time someone clicks on one of your ads, YOU PAY. And if that click doesn’t then result in a sale, you’ve lost that money.

So for a successful PPC campaign, remember you don’t want any old clicks. You want clicks that result in sales. In other words, you have to make sure that people only click when they are likely to buy.

And how do you do this? It’s all in the ad.

  • Target your ads precisely. Although you do want a good CTR (click-through rate) in order to get the highest possible position, you don’t want untargeted clicks. That is, you ONLY want clicks from people who are likely to buy. So make your ads as specific as possible so that people know precisely what it is you are selling.
  • For this reason, some people put the price of the product in the ad. This is in order to prevent people from clicking if they don’t want to pay that price. But remember that as a rule, the ad should focus on the benefits of the product.
  • Use your main search term for that adgroup in the headline of the ad. If you are using Google, Google will put it in bold type. So people will see exactly what they are looking for and be drawn to your ad.
  • Use a different ad for each small keyword group (called “adgroup” in Google). This is crucial for a successful PPC campaign – yet so many people make the mistake of putting too many keywords in one adgroup. The fewer keywords in the adgroup, the more relevant and precisely targeted the ad is likely to be. You don’t pay for an ad unless someone clicks it, so you can have as many ads as you like in each campaign.

If you don’t manage a successful PPC campaign the first time, keep trying.Just focus on your ad and keep tweaking it till it works. Because when you do get there, the rewards are tremendous.