Search Engine Algorithms Change – What Should Be Done?

Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, is a mysterious thing. Although people are well aware about many factors affecting the SEO process, yet they strive to get on the top of the search engines. The underlying reason is the absence of the standards or a legitimate body governing the process. But there is a robust assertion to counter this reason – no search engine can publish all the guidelines affecting the rankings. This is because everyone will start using those guidelines and hence the relevance in the ranking will disappear as the results will be completely manipulated.

Additionally, the ranking algorithm which calculates the relevancy and placement of the results ascertained according to the undisclosed factors keeps on changing. Dynamism is the intrinsic attribute of the search engine algorithm. This zing of the algorithm is quite frustrating for the people optimizing the website as they can never be 100% sure that their efforts will reap fruitful results i.e. the rankings and traffic as per their choice.

To add to this misery and uncertainty we have different algorithm for different search engine. Each search engine follows its own unique algorithm to determine the relevancy and ranking of the website. Some elements weigh more in some algorithm and for some they are near to no relevance. Thus, we have different algorithm for every search engine which changes from time to time without any warnings from the search engines. Moreover, the changes accompanying the change in algorithm are not published by the search engines.

So the question arises, why the search engines guard their algorithms so closely. The answer is quite simple – they value the user’s experience. Their aim is to display the most relevant results according to the searched query to satiate the searcher’s thirst. If the search engines publish a guide stating all the factors affecting the ranking process, all webmasters will implement them and the displayed results will be easy to manipulate. This will defeat the relevancy factor as well as deteriorate the users’ experience.

The inherent dynamism of the algorithms has its own justifiable reasons. Over the time, webmasters with the hit and trial methods decipher the factors affecting the rankings. Moreover, these unfolded secrets are publicized and hence known by everyone. This in turn instigates search engines to bring slight changes which will uphold their aim of relevancy.

So, it is important to strike balance between seeking the eternally unknowable search engine algorithm and making sure that the SEO efforts are directed in the right direction. Many well known search evangelists still promulgate:

1. Good HTML titles and meta description
2. Impressive content
3. Eroding any kind of roadblocks to crawling
4. Building quality backlinks.

None of them talk about chasing the search engine algorithms as there is no point in doing so. These algorithms are guarded by the people holding no less than doctorates in computer science. Moreover, pertaining to the dynamic nature of the algorithms, it is unwise to do so.

To be a successful webmaster or SEO professional, it is necessary to accept few facts. Moreover, it is quite important to be updated about the latest happenings by being an avid reader. Additionally, don’t let your inquisitiveness tread the wrong path and go for wild goose chase.