Register New Domain Names – The Importance of Keyword Research When You Register Your Website URL

Often overlooked but indeed strategically very important, is keyword research before you register a domain name. When done properly this gives you the advantage of being on page one of search engines like, for your strategic keywords.

Let’s say you have already created your website off-line, but you are still looking for a suitable url. Please take a look at the content of your index page (main page) of your website and determine what the most important keyword phrases are, that are to be found on your index page. These key-phrases need to be at least two words long, but better is to have them three to five words long, since this is the average number of words used in search phrases. Be sure to use your strategic keywords in your domain name.

Once you have these phrases, optimize your main page for these strategic keyword phrases by adjusting the tags in the head section of your main website page html code. Adjust the title tag, meta keyword tag and meta description tag. If necessary adjust also the body text using html heading tags h1 to h6. Repeat this action for every single page of the website you created. A tool which can help you in this effort is WebCEO (there is a link on my web-page; see also at the end of this article).

Investing time in doing this optimization effort for your website, in order to determine a relevant domain name and creating optimized web pages, will pay off in high ranking at search engines, some where on the first page. Bringing interested visitors to your website, ready to read several pages,
ready to buy your products.