Reasons Why the Philippines is the Text Capital of the World

Reasons Why the Philippines is the Text Capital of the World

Network Providers of text messages in the Philippines offer lower rates. For as low as Php20.00 or $0.50, you can already send a hundred text messages and that’s approximately P0.20 per message. Networks also offer other services such as unlimited texts that would last within 24 hours as long as the sender and the receiver belonged to the same networks. To avail these services, the subscribers would register by keying a command and sending it to the assigned number of the network. Upon confirmation of the registration, one can already enjoy the services it brings.

Lower rates influence people to subscribe on one or two different networks so as to avail of both services. It is the provider’s strategy to keep their subscribers continuously avail of their services. Networks also have a variety of load denomination that is very affordable to Filipinos. As Filipinos prefer to buy on retail basis, even prepaid cards or loads are being retailed. One can buy prepaid loads for as low as P5.00 or $0.125.

Communication is already included in the budget of every Filipino family. At the average, every family would spend at least P40 or a dollar a day for constant communication with family and friends far from them. It is a way of keeping in touch and a “virtual bond” among them. The need to be connected with their families also makes it difficult for Filipinos to limit sending text messages.

Filipino families are close-knit. It is important for them to know the whereabouts of their family members. From time to time, they would exchange text messages just to check how they do. Sometimes they would text even the smallest details of what is happening in their lives. And it will turn into an endless chained text messages.

Sharing inspirational quotes, sweet messages and jokes are the usual forwarded messages sent to two or more persons listed on their phonebooks. For some people, text messages are an expression of their emotions and become a significant part of courting process. It alters the sending of love notes and poems. And, because of immediate response of the recipient, the courtship process quickens.

Text Voting
Text is also used to vote and gives the subscriber the opportunity to choose a candidate they wish to support. This refers to text voting. The subscribers would text in keywords to particular numbers. The number of text votes corresponds to the number of votes given to a particular candidate. Usually the organizer of said contests gives out prices through raffle draw in order to encourage subscribers to vote-in.

By nature, Filipinos are friendly and are fond of affiliations with different groups and individuals. Networking helps people to meet and broaden their contacts. Typically, it is business related. It can be an exchange of services or products, as well. Through text messages, people were able to maintain friendly affiliations with other people.

Information Dissimulation
Using mobile phones for text messages to dissimulate information is widespread. This is proven when former President Joseph Estrada was ousted due to mass action. This mass action was a result of text messages influencing everyone to act on the impeachment trial of the former president. The people felt that the senate is concealing a possible fraud for not opening the brown envelop and this triggered anger among people.

At present, text messaging is one of the most convenient means of communication. It makes people understand and communicate more on a timely manner. It is the basic reason why Filipinos continually use text messages. It is already part of the daily expressions of themselves.