Online Prospecting Techniques For Unlimited Network Marketing Downlines

In general, there are two ways to get prospects on the Internet – The free ways and the paid ways. Both ways are equally effective, it is usually dependent on how fast you want to see results, and your budget to determine which approach you are more comfortable with.

Free prospecting techniques usually consist of forum posting, organic search results, article directory submission, blogging, viral marketing, free press release and more.

Paid techniques on the other hand usually consists of Pay Per Click (PPC), CPA advertising, paid banner advertising, sponsored reviews, paid press releases, Co-registration lists, outsourcing and more.

Most people tends to start with free online prospecting or traffic generation techniques because they are testing it out and do not have the stomach for monetary risk. For a start, you can register for a free blog and drive traffic there using the free techniques. However, you should at least invest in your own domain name for branding purpose. Using blog is also a great way to get exposed on the search engines just for posting about your network marketing product or to showcase yourself as an expert in the industry – especially for longer tailed keywords with lesser competition. You can even get additional traffic by submitting your blog articles to article directories, participate in forum and also commenting on other people’s blogs.

When you have made some money using the free techniques, you can start investing in paid traffic. One of the biggest advantages of paid online prospecting techniques is that you can get as much traffic as you want. With Google AdWords for example, you can get traffic in as quickly as 15-minues to half an hour. You can also invest in banner advertising on other people’s blogs or websites. You can even sponsor bloggers to write a product review for you.

When you have the traffic going to your blog, you must be sure to capture their names and email addresses in exchange for free e-book or special report that is highly related to your network marketing product. You can then send them a series of follow up emails to pre-sell your business opportunity, and when the time is right, they will in turn become your long term partners.