On Page Optimization

On page optimization is very essential for web promotion. Search engine optimization starts with the on page optimization. On page optimization consists of the following terms

1. Title tags optimization: It consists of inserting the targeted keywords by performing the keyword research analysis.

2. Meta tags optimization: It consists of defining proper meta structure and placing the unique meta content and meta keywords depending on the body content of the page

3. Content optimization: It consists of inserting the targeted keywords in body content of the page. Or you can rewrite the whole content by using the targeted keywords. But never use too many keywords which is harmful to your web site

4. Links optimization: It consist of placing the title tags in the links. You can place one keyword and that particular link name.

5. Image optimization: It means alt tag optimization. You can place one keyword in alt tag, this is required because search engine crawlers unable to read the images.

6. Header tags optimization: Placing the H1 tags is called as header tags optimization. But you have to separate the primary keywords and secondary keywords. For main headings use H1 tags, sub headings H2 tags and sub-sub headings use H3 tags etc.

7. HTML Validation: HTML validation means removing the errors from the source code of the page. These validations will make your web site more visible in search engines. Also search engines will give preference more to HTML validated sites.

8. CSS Validation: Removing the errors from the CSS sheet is called as CSS validation. This validation also essential in following the W3C standards.

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