New to Photoshop? Here Are Some Tips

Most people, at one point or another do make use of Photoshop. This seemingly pretty application might seem a little complicated to beginners. With so many different features, and such a vast variety of things that you can do with it, it is not surprising that beginners at Photoshop require some kind of guidance or a few tips before setting their feet in the world of Photoshop. According to a graphic web design company, Photoshop is widely used across the professional strata and thus, web designing and graphic designing beginners must have some initial idea about Photoshop.

Tips for those who are new to Photoshop:

• First and foremost thing to do when you sit down to Photoshop a picture is to duplicate the background. This will give you the much needed space to make all the changes you might want and still retain the original background in case you need it. Responsive website designing makes use of this feature almost every time and for a beginner, this is an important tip.

• Click on the layer window. You will get to know the different layers your picture is made of. Now click on each layer individually to edit it. If you edit one picture as a whole then it won’t have the same charm as a picture that has been edited on different layers. In case you want to add a new layer, then select the add layer option. Layering is very important to give the much needed effect to the photo and a web designing company once claimed it to be one of the most important features of Photoshop.

• It is not necessary that you would want to edit every pixel of your picture. So select the area you want to work on. To select an area, hold the shift button and then drag your mouse to define the area you want to work on.

• If the image is tilted and you think it can do with a little straightening, then use the ruler tool and rotate the canvas according to your need. You can straighten the horizon or tilt the angle as you see fit.

• You can make the colours pop, or be more prominent, and help your picture tell the story that it wants to convey. The best way to do that would be to select a layer, and select soft light. Use soft light on only one layer, and the colours will pop out all the more.

• There is a filter gallery build in Photoshop, to allow the user to add different filters and make the colours pop or dim, or the light fluctuate according to their need. There are various filters available and you can add multiple filters to a picture. Filters are probably most loved of all the options available with Photoshop and are the easiest to follow.

• Another way to bring focus on a particular object, which is placed at the centre of the photograph, is to add Vignette. This technique will darken the edges and bring the light gradually to the centre of the picture. Our eyes tend to grasp at the brighter object first and focus on it more. And this technique makes use of that, as the area around the object is darker and the light is at the centre, on the object of focus. You can go to lens correction and find Vignette there.