Networking Tips – Keep Your Promises

Networking Tips – Keep Your Promises

Good networking involves being strategic, purposeful and intentional in your social and business dealings. It requires a lot of effort and commitment for getting the desired results. Savvy networkers must be consistent and dedicated to their networking goals and objectives. While attending events and meeting people, it is really important to keep your promises and follow up with your actions. Besides being a form of respect and courtesy, it is steadily building your brand and reputation with your counterparts.

Listed below are certain helpful ways individuals can show integrity while growing their networks.

Keep A Track Record

It is easy to get overwhelmed and lose focus when attending several networking events during the week or even during the month. Many things can be said and expected and a follow up is necessary to keep the relationship and communication going. It is extremely important to keep a mental note or keep track of the promises and commitments being make to others.

Your word is your bond. If you can not follow through with a promise, you weaken the potential of those relationships. It makes it difficult for people to trust and want to do business with you. They are less likely to refer or recommend you and can doubt your abilities from a personal and professional standpoint.

A great way for keeping up with promises is to encourage the other person to remind you of your commitments. It is a subtle gesture which can be very helpful to both parties. You can encourage your counterpart to send an email reminder or phone call within a specific time period. Another good idea, is to make a list and set a timeline or deadline for fulfilling the promise or obligation. Post the list on your email or calendar to make sure you do not forget or miss the time marker.

See The Benefit

As you are building relationships with others, see the benefits of keeping your word. Learn how to continue to develop relations and add value. Being persistent in your actions can build your reputation within your industry or sphere of influence. It can promote positive recognition and verbal praises. People can continue to build their trust in you and direct business and opportunities your way.

Although you may see the direct effect of your actions, also consider the long term effects as well. Keep in mind that the connections you make, and the people you help can be resources to you for future endeavors. Good opportunities can develop down the line. The key is to be genuine and honest and sincere in your efforts.