Networking Online Resources

Networking is a great asset for professional, career, academic and business development. Besides connecting in person, it is also beneficial to connect online. Virtual networking opens doors and gives you access to many resources and opportunities. It allows you to extend your reach further and connect with others around the world. But, you must do your due diligence and foster online relationships as you would in person relationships.

Listed below are helpful tips for using online strategies to enhance your networking agenda.

Find Online Groups

Connect with online groups on social media platforms which best represent your networking objectives. Once you join the group, become an active participant. Post relevant info, post questions to encourage dialogue and comment on posts. These forms of engagement are excellent ways to brand yourself and build your credibility.

Listen to / Create a Podcast

This is another great way to build community and support. If you are listening to podcasts, make it a point to post questions and share the recording. Follow podcasts which can help you develop in your career, offer resources for growing your business or support your community interests. If you are creating a podcast, the same criteria applies. Talk about relevant topics which connect you to your audience, objectives etc. Use the podcast to promote your agendas as well as create a platform for exchange.

Scheduling Apps

Utilize a scheduling app to make appointments and meeting seamless. These automated services allow you connect with others by date, time, location etc. They also offer friendly reminders and other details to make your meetings successful.

Networking Apps

Download networking apps onto your phone to connect easily with people at events. Once you have connected with them in person, you can migrate to online to continue the relationship building. These apps also offer reminders and updates about your contacts. This information can be useful for gaining resources, developing partnerships or getting leads and referrals.

Use these strategies to expand your online communications and networking objectives. Definitely take the time to manage ways of effectively and consistently connecting and adding value.