Micro Niche Finder Review – Keyword Research Breakthru Or Hype?

Micro Niche Finder claims to help you mine hidden keywords that you can then turn around and rake in cash from in a variety of different ways. Is this just the same old hype, or is there really something to this product? I wanted to get to the bottom of the hype surrounding this tool and I was surprised at what I found. Read on for my review of Micro Niche finder.

There are many keyword tools online, some of them are even free. My though on this was if keywords are easy to gather using these free tools, why should I consider shelling out $97 for the Micro Niche Finder? Well, actually there is a good reason. Micro Niche finder digs deep – really deep. Inside the results are some true gems.

This has nothing to do with this software, but here is a short story. Awhile back, I had done the keyword research the long (hard) way and found a really lucrative long tail keyword and built a single page on the keyword domain (that was available). I tossed up a quick article and a link to a Clickbank product. Later, I figured I’d get around to developing a site but this was just to catch type in traffic. Imagine my surprise when this single page site went on to earn an average of $600 each month with no backlinks, no promotion and no real attention at all. The moral of that story is that one good keyword is worth it’s weight in gold. Literally.

Back to Micro Niche Finder… I fired up the software and fed it some starting terms. I was absolutely shocked by what it returned. Hundreds of potential keyword in my niche – all with little to no real competition at all. I had to blink a few times because this just seemed too easy. Actually, I admit, I double checked a few of the results using my own long hard way and the data was for real.

Now, no tool alone can create your online fortune. You must take action and use those keywords to build something (personally, I like quick mini-sites). In all of my time online, however this tool comes as close as it gets to handing you the answer on a silver platter. The niches it uncovers in the click of a button are pure gold. This is keyword research on steroids, folks. And, if you don’t already have a feel for what makes a good keyword, they even programmed in several competition metrics that are easy to read and understand at a glance.

Usually keyword tools don’t get me too excited and when I was assigned this review I didn’t expect much out of it. Call me jaded, but I have seen it all and still preferred my personal method for finding my own keywords. Believe it or not, Micro Niche Finder changes everything. It is way more powerful than anything I have seen.

I wont go on and on about how to use these keywords to make a fortune – just watch the videos on their site to learn more about that. I will tell you that this is hands down the best keyword tool out there and if used and put in to action, you will be amazed at what you can do with it. Bottom line? My highest recommendation.