Mantras For Effective Content Writing

Mantras For Effective Content Writing

A major obstacle that most Webmasters face when they set out to design a website is about the creation of high quality, conversion oriented content. The search engines like Google and Bing love websites which keep on posting interesting and engaging content which is useful to the users. This is an essential element of search engine optimisation, and has to be taken very seriously by any business which aims for a higher rank and higher organic traffic from search engines. Effective content can increase the trustworthiness of a website as well. So, one has to have a clear knowledge about creating content that is conversion oriented as well as useful to the readers.

Essential mantras for content writing:

  • Choose an interesting topic: Many people get completely puzzled when they have to choose a topic to write upon. It is worthy to remember that not every topic will be useful or be of interest to the readers. Hence they should do a thorough research of the current topics being discussed elsewhere on the Internet. Keyword Research is a very useful tool in this regard, and can generate good insights about what people are searching for. Creation of content based around the specific keywords which are generating high volumes can get the it noticed by the users easily. Of course, the website can try to become a trend setter and discuss a content that no one else is talking about. However, there is a risk that others might not find it useful and move away from the content very soon. Apart from keyword research, a very good starting point could be talking about the utility of a product or service which is hot in demand, or being newly introduced in the market by the company to which the website belongs.
  • Write in easy language: There is a difference between literary content and general website content. Content written in easy language is likely to attract a wider audience. Try to keep the content as simple as possible, unless you are writing about something very technical or with a specific audience in mind. If you want general acceptability of the content, write in lucid language which even non-English speakers can comprehend. Keep the tone of writing very friendly. Every webmaster can keep this in mind and increase the chances of the blog or the article to get a wider reach.
  • Avoid jargons: While putting in useful technical information in the article or blog is necessary, avoid stuffing the article with unnecessary technical language, commonly known as jargons. Jargons are difficult for common people to understand, and force people to stop reading the content midway. Jargons are one of the major reasons of a high bounce rate for any website. Keep it at a least, and make people want to read the content till the end.
  • Don’t repeat the keywords: Write for humans, and not only for search engines. Many search engine marketers make the mistake of writing content which is too much optimised for the websites. In the process, they make it sound highly artificial and uninteresting to the users. Once you have identified the topic by doing keyword research, write with the essence of the keyword. Do not repeat the keyword often, which would make it clear that the content has been specifically written for search engine optimization purposes. This practice is known as “keyword stuffing”. The search engines are known to be very unkind to Webmasters who resort to keyword stuffing.
  • Be seen as a provider of solutions: People visit websites when they look for information or a solution to a problem that they are facing. Make them feel that your business can give them the solution you are looking for. Write content which can bring out the utility and the solution that your product or service can offer. This is likely to interest people more who might otherwise get turned off with vague information which they cannot comprehend.
  • Content must be conversion focused: It is not always necessary that content has to be marketing oriented. It is a common practice to create blogs or articles for dissemination of information about different topics. Even if you don’t talk about your products or services expressly, make sure people get to know about new things from your content, which will infuse them to try those things for themselves.

Styles of content writing:

While each content writing expert has an unique style of writing, there are two main approaches to content writing. Let me explain this with an example:

Suppose you are selling your brand of shampoo through your website, then you can write content in the following ways:

  • Product oriented: You may talk about your products specifically and the problems they solve. You write about the great ingredients that you use, how silky the hair will become once the consumers use the shampoo, etc. This will either make your target customers who have visited your website to try out a few samples of the products you sell. This is product oriented communication.
  • Information oriented: Here you don’t talk about any specific product. Instead you give information about things like the ideal ingredients that a shampoo should be made of, the type of hair problems it should solve, and the expected end results including increase in the shine and smoothness of the hair. Customers will get enlightened by reading this, and would look for these qualities in the next bottle of shampoo that they buy. Since all of your products fulfil these expectations of the consumer, she might try your product out of curiosity, in spite of you have not asked her to do so.

The essence of content writing is to anticipate the needs and requirements of the consumers and solve it even before they ask for it. By reading the content on your website, they should feel like trying out something new to solve an existing problem or just for experiential reasons. For creation of content of this type and many more suggestions that we can offer with our vast experience of content creation, do contact us today!