Learning The Passap e6000 For Beginners

Learning The Passap e6000 For Beginners

The Passap knitting machine is one of the most sought after knitting machines in the world because of its ability to create knit techniques. The word is 40,000 different types of knit fabrics can be created on the Passap knitting machine. That should be enough to keep anyone busy for a moment or two.

Having that much choice is wonderful, however the how to get from here to there is fairly extensive. Many people purchase their Passap knitting machine and before even looking through the manuals start pushing buttons and playing.

The tuition for learning the Passap e6000 for beginners can be very high because the damage that can be done by this type of approach is costly to repair if it can be repaired at all.

On the other hand the simple steps for the Passap are really easy to do if you just have the sequence right from the beginning. Resisting the urge to just start playing and button pushing is what is hard to do. In many areas of our lives that is the approach that we have often taken. Why read the directions? Many times they were written in a language that we did not understand and our impatience to just get going prevented us from slowing down long enough to figure the directions out. This is a very wrong move for a Passap knitting machine.

Yesterday, I wanted to cook something in my new microwave and the directions were to do part of the process at full power and the rest of the process at the middle power setting. It was so easy to find the instruction book and look up how to get to the middle power setting, do the steps and get the project underway. (I was hungry)

I wondered afterwords if I had just started pushing buttons if I would have ever gotten to the cooking part of the process. Some things are more intuitive that others. In the case of the microwave and the Passap the steps are not what you might think to do and hence you can spend a great deal of time pushing buttons with no positive outcome. My dinner would have taken way longer to get ready and I would have been really hungry if I had not opened the manual and looked up and then input the correct steps in order. Not what I thought they should be but what the computer on the microwave had to have in order to work.

Then lets mention button hitting. That is when you are in the console trying to do the programming and keep hitting buttons to try to get back to a screen on the console that looks familiar and stop the electronic buzzing the console does when you have made an error. That is one irritating sound.

Instead of turning the console off and back on, there is a better solution to stopping that sound and one that is highly recommended instead of the reflex action to turn the console off. You even have 3 choices of things you can do instead.

Any one of these three choices is much better for you and for the knitting machine-it is just catching ourselves quickly enough to make a different choice. Depending on how long you have been knitting on your Passap, you may have some serious re-training to do to overcome this issue.

It is important for you to begin to work towards this though as the Passap machines are no longer being made and if you keep your unhealthy reactions up, you may damage your machine beyond repair. I don’t know about you, but I just could not handle not having my Passap machines to work on when I want to knit.

Make a decision to learn your Passap knitting machine, how it works and the steps to take when the computer dialogue is taking you to an error screen and the electronic buzzing so when you get there in the future you can correct the data input you missed which caused this to happen. It is just the click of a button in the wrong sequence that creates the error and a click of a button to correct it.

Learn the right buttons to hit when you encounter this situation and don’t just start pushing or hitting buttons randomly to try to get the buzz to stop. It is really easy if you just know the steps and which order to put them into when you are talking about the programming part of the knitting project.

Make sure that the tuition you are paying for learning your Passap knitting machine is taking you to the right steps and not in the wrong direction.