Is Casual Gym Membership Ever Better Value Than The Monthly Gym Membership?

Is Casual Gym Membership Ever Better Value Than The Monthly Gym Membership?

When it comes to workouts, use of gym membership tends to be the standard component of discretionary spending for many Australians. According to IBISWorld report in 2011, more than 1.8 million Australians invest in some sort of health club membership.

Recently, health club membership growth was steady, with a number of large operators driving the market performance. The growing presence of 24-hour gyms has extended the Australian fixation with keeping in shape by using a gym membership.

Nearly every fitness organisation operates on a subscription model – customer commits to a monthly subscription as opposed to purchasing fitness services only when they’re needed. However, personal trainers, bootcamps and yoga centres tend to be more ready to accept a casual, pay-per-visit model.

Benefits of gym membership are generally:

  1. Good value when you attend often.
  2. Some health clubs have got all-in-one fitness options, including weight training, aerobic classes, swimming pool, etc.
  3. Fitness chains may have several well-publicised locations, which makes it convenient to attend various venues.
  4. Fitness chains can have identical branding and may also provide a comparable service level, wherever their location is.

This model certainly works well for numerous industries – customer will pay whether or not they will use the service or not. For many customers, paying for a fitness membership is an incentive to sweat it out in the gym. The logic of: “I paid for this already, so I better use it” could be very motivational.

Yet, based on many studies, we typically attend gyms just twice per week on average. This concept is usually known as “paying not to go to gym”. Consequently, you will find there’s a large group of customers that pay their annual fees and merely attend fitness centre from time to time, resulting in a very high per-visit cost of attendance.

So what would be the benefits of casual gym passes?

  1. Lower attendance price for irregular users.
  2. Flexibility of attending numerous locations since you are not locked into a long-term contract with an individual fitness provider.
  3. The opportunity to vary your fitness routines every day. For example, you can try gym training once a week and attend a bootcamp or perhaps a local yoga studio the other times.
  4. With a casual gym pass you are not locked into your contract. You are able to change your fitness provider whenever you want.

Generally speaking, the decision is apparent. If you are certain that you will go to a health club in excess of two times per week and you also prefer all-in-one solutions that some gyms feature, then the ongoing membership is the answer. Yet, for many who end up going to their health club maybe once or twice per week and enjoy a variety of fitness alternatives, casual gym pass is very much the only real logical choice.