IRobot Roomba Robotic Floor Cleaners

Roomba is the leader when it comes to making robotic floor cleaners. Their sleek design makes them easy to love, and the features they come with make them almost unbeatable within the robotic vacuum market. The iRobot Roomba 570 is no exception. It has a great set of features and will work wonderfully at keeping your floors clean around the clock. Roomba vacuums are smart. When they have finished cleaning your floors, they will automatically return to their self charging base, where their batteries can be recharged for the next cleaning.

In this model, the Roomba has improved floor coverage and navigation. You will not have to worry about your vacuum getting lost or stuck up against the wall because the Roomba can detect large objects and move around them, cleaning the whole time. Another improvement on this model is the ability for it to clean right up against edges and within corners. Because robotic vacuum cleaners are so small, they can fit almost anywhere to clean, including underneath furniture and almost any other dusty or dirty area of your home.

This model also enjoys improved filters and brushes, so it can clean more effectively without getting dust everywhere. This smart little robotic floor cleaner will get right to work for you, cleaning the entire floor and it even automatically adjust from cleaning carpet to cleaning hard floors so your entire floor can get the cleaning it needs. A great option extra for most iRobot models is the docking station. This allows you to schedule cleaning periods as well as automatically recharging the machine

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