Improve Social Skills – How to Meet Friends

The technology of today has us practically a recluse in our homes and offices when it comes to talking with people face to face. How are you supposed to make that “perfect” connection on the phone, email, web or text? You take it back to “old school” and make an effort get out there and meet people in person.

Do you like to play golf? I bet someone in your industry does also. What about attending seminars? You probably see a lot of similar minded people out there looking for a personal connection too. Many business deals are made on the golf course, so you may want to look into taking some lessons. Plus, its a stress reliever. Win-Win.

You can add value to you and your business simply by knowing someone that will benefit someone else. In turn, they might know someone needing your service also. That’s networking at its finest.

Dr. Ivan Misner, the Founder & Chairman of Business Networking Institute, is quoted as stating, “Who do you work with on a regular basis that provides complimentary services to yours? A plumber needs to know a kitchen installer and a plasterer. Photographers, wedding car hire, florists and cake makers have a constant flow of referrals in all directions.”

How do you take your “virtual” connections and translate them to personal connections? Try attending seminars that your colleagues and customers attend. A hugely beneficial site for you to commercially connect is LinkedIn. This is a wonderful site to promote yourselves, your business, provide a short resume, recommendations etc. In this site, you may join groups that interest your or your business.

Find groups to join and learn from on LinkedIn. A sample group is LinkedOC headed by Bryan Elliott. He started this group for business professionals in Orange County, CA. who wanted to learn how to better themselves and their business. Every month he schedules a guest speaker with a topic of interest at a local hotel. Each month, more than 200+ professionals converge in a conference room to meet each other, generate business for themselves and for others at the social hour held before and after the seminar.

Look also for business groups such as BNI-short for Business Networking International to join. This grouping of business professionals are amazing. Not only will you meet new people almost weekly, but you will be able to meet the people that know the people in our group. What a phenomenal way to expand your business horizons!