How to Work Like a Robot

How to Work Like a Robot

As machines become more and more efficient and perfect, so it will become clear that imperfection is the greatness of man. – Ernst Fischer

-Robots don’t complain.
-Robots have to be maintained to work efficiently.
-Robots have to be programmed to do the job right, but once they are programmed they can do a job faster than a human.
-Robots have to be reprogrammed to do a new task.

Stop Complaining

Robots don’t complain. Complaining is making excuses. When you start to complain about the job you have to do, you are looking for reasons to not do it. So, maybe your job is harder than it should be. Maybe your boss is being a jerk. Maybe it’s too hot where you have to work. Don’t complain. Just do the work and get it done. Like a robot.

Perform Maintenance

Robots are machines that must be maintained in order to remain efficient. Sometimes their parts need to be replaced or they need to be lubed up. How about us humans? How do we maintain ourselves to make sure we are in top condition to perform at our highest levels?

  • Quality Sleep – I can’t stress this enough. Getting quality sleep is essential if you want to be efficient at what you do. Getting quality sleep is considered routine maintenance. Robots power down too you know.
  • Get Exercise – To keep your heart healthy and to make your body function the way that it should, routine exercise is necessary. You should do at least 30 minutes of exercise 3 – 5 days per week. If you don’t want to feel slow, lethargic, lazy and sluggish: get out and start walking, running or lifting weights.
  • Eat Nutritiously – It’s amazing how good I feel when I am eating well-balanced and nutritious meals. Your body was designed to take in nutritious food. If you fill your body full of crap all the time, you’re going to feel like crap all the time. Would a robot eat crap?
  • Take Vitamins – Again, your body was designed to take in proper supplements to function correctly. Talk to your physician about what supplements you should take. Personally, I take a B-Vitamin, C-Vitamin, D-Vitamin and an Omega-3 capsule. I rarely get sick, even around 4 kids that are always sick and I believe it has a lot to do with the vitamins I take. (I was getting sick once per month prior to taking vitamins.)

Program Yourself

To do a task correctly, robots need to be programmed. Robots that work in an automobile factory don’t just start assembling cars on their own. They are given specific instructions and have a specific task.

We are the same way, aren’t we? I didn’t just sit down and start designing websites. I have spent years researching, reading, taking courses and actually doing the work to learn how to do what I do.

In order to do a job as efficiently as possible you must program yourself to do so.