How to Get Discounted Cisco Products

How to Get Discounted Cisco Products

Cisco systems, is a multinational cooperation supplying networking equipments and management services for the internet. It has 65,535 employees according to year 2009 count, working with great zeal to bring visionary progress. Its head Quarter is situated at San Jose, California. It earns revenue of 36.17 US dollars.

There are many hardware, software and service programs that make the use of internet quick and proficient. By using these devices one can access any thing depending upon need and desire. It has a long list of networking and communication products. The hardware products include broad band cable products, routers, switches and optical networking devices. The hardware products include control servers, modules and interfaces.

It provides wide variety of services like security services including firewall, virtual private networks, security management and building systems. It also provides data centre services. The products of this service include unified computing, data centre switches and blade switches.

All the Cisco products have become part and parcel of life, be it education or business. Choosing the best suitable product for a particular task is key to its successful implementation. The other most important factor in buying is the expense factor. Cisco offers discounts over its wide range of products.

There are number of ways of getting discounted Cisco products. Cisco system provides an opportunity to the community organizations to buy the products at significant discount. All this purchasing is done through CTX that is the charity technology exchange organization.

Network liquidators are one of the important sources that provide the Cisco products on discount. They buy and sell new, used and refurbished Cisco products on discount with immediate delivery. The commonly available products are used Cisco routers and used Cisco switches. All the products after inspection, testing and refurbishing are sold to the customer with a life time guarantee. Barcode discounts are the distributors that provide Cisco telecommunication and other products at reasonable rates. Another mean of getting discounted product is through Cisco deep discount traders.

There is an advanced specialized discount program that offer discount in three technologies: Advanced unified communication specialization, advanced security specializations and advanced wireless LAN specializations. These products are given a certain ASP code. The products that do not have the ASP code are not eligible for discount under this program.

Cisco offers an exclusive discount to the members of Spiceworks community. It provides about 10 percent discount on the security and surveillance network storage products. Moreover the products can be purchased at 70 percent discount under the services NFR program. All the Cisco smartnet products are eligible for this discount. Another program offered is the SMB fast track discount program which provides discount to the partners over leading networking products. The eligible products include wireless, security, switching and routing products. This program offers discount up to 39 to 44 percent.

So there are many programs available for the ease of the customer. They even sell the products on easy instalments. Thus, enable the users to take complete advantage of the broad range of the products offered by Cisco systems.