How Important Is Mobile Page Speed for SEO?

Every time Google comes up with some amazing yet surprising updates that impact your SEO in some or other manner. Google recently announced that page speed will be a ranking sign for mobile search starting in July. This is something mainly SEO pros have suspected for quite some time, but we’re glad it is now confirmed as Google has also started to roll out the mobile index, which directly puts mobile first.

Page speed is extremely significant for user experience. Pages that take a long time to load be likely to have higher bounce rates. Slow-loading pages can also unconstructively impact your conversion rates because end users won’t uncomplainingly wait for pages to load.

But Why Else Should You Care?

Now the question here arises is that why Google launched the mobile index and embraced a mobile-first move towards by dedicating a major index for mobile, I think page speed could become more of a mid-level signal than a trivial signal like HTTPs.

If you provide users with a high-quality content and user experience and they can discover what they are looking for – and the happy experience meets their intention across all devices and platforms and provides worth – why not?

Here are some things that you can do to get prepared

You need to get ready for the mobile index by making certain that you are providing the correct content experience and have high-quality content that satisfies consumer intention.

Make certain your pages load as speedily as likely, preferably within one to two seconds. It’s your sole responsibility to check the speed of your page and make a fast load time to find a solution to their problem or find something they are searching for. In your competition, there are certainly other sites that are other sites that are trying to get the click and so your site must load as rapidly as possible to remain reasonable.

In addition to this to make your website, mobile speed high is important as it will impact your SEO and rankings. While AMP isn’t a ranking factor right at the present, it could be in the prospect. There are other conducts to speed up your website if you do not want to use AMP. However, you should believe using AMP because these pages load tremendously fast – and you could potentially increase your conversions and see enhanced search engine rankings once AMP becomes a rank signal.

Wrap up section

Another situation could be almost certainly taking some page that is ranking well in the top rankings and stripping the page of all except some very light elements such as a small number of images and content – no CSS styling, no needless fancy JavaScript, etc.

With the launch of this mobile update and indexing Google now stating that speed will be an aspect of mobile, it is time to start taking this sincerely.

Applying all these factors will surely help improve your user experience, boost conversions, keep users on your site longer, and drive more organic traffic.