How Can I Get High Search Engine Ranking Optimization?

How Can I Get High Search Engine Ranking Optimization?

Everybody wants to know how to get high search engine ranking optimization for their website – at least, if they understand anything about the internet and how it works. Even the smallest mom and pop website or blog is begun with the hope that people will want to visit. But these days, there are so many millions or billions of websites that it is hard to make your voice heard. High search engine ranking optimization helps a site to be found by interested visitors.

So how does search engine optimization or SEO actually work? There are two aspects: on page and off page.

On Page SEO

‘On page’ refers to the way that your site is set up. Search engines want to know what your site is about so that they can present it to the right visitors. For example if somebody types ‘Chicago real estate’ into a search engine, they probably want to find realtors in Chicago, rather than a site that just happens to have the words ‘Chicago real estate’ appearing once in the middle of an article about something completely different.

So when the search engines come to visit your site, they look at the text and the HTML code in order to decide what each page of your site is about. To get high search engine ranking optimization, you will need to use keywords when adding pages to your site. You will also need to consider how you use metadata and the layout of your site.

Off Page SEO

The way that the search engines find your site in the first place is through links on other sites that they already know about. They have bots constantly crawling the internet looking for new websites or new pages on established websites, to add to their index of the web.

One of the ways that they decide that a site is important is by the number of inbound links that it has. Off page SEO for high search engine ranking optimization therefore concentrates mainly on building links to your site from other sites.

There are many ways to do this. Most of them are rather time consuming. They include

– writing articles including a link to your site, and submitting these to thousands of article directories

– creating pages that link to your site at free blogging or other services like Blogger and Squidoo

– leaving comments on blogs that relate to the subject matter of your site

– linking to your site from networking websites like Facebook or Twitter

– ‘bookmarking’ your site on sites like Digg where people enter details of websites that they like or find useful

– for blogs and other sites with RSS, submitting your site’s RSS feed to RSS aggregators

If all of this sounds too complex, you might want to consider hiring an SEO expert to do it for you. There are many SEO companies and services available. If you have a commercial site, this can be worthwhile and may prove very profitable for you if it is successful in getting your site ranked highly.

SEO experts will need access ‘behind the scenes’ of your site in order to tweak the on page factors. They will also use their skills and knowledge to build incoming links to your site from other internet properties, to satisfy the vital off page requirements. All of this can help you to get high search engine ranking optimization.