Google AdWord – A Click Above the Rest

Google AdWord – A Click Above the Rest

One internet marketing endeavor that has gained popularity through the years is the use of the Google AdWord service. Google offers webmasters a unique and effective way of pay per click (PPC) advertising through this service. It targets the appropriate audience and offers key insights about the product or service you are advertising.

Google is different from other search engines when it comes to placing your ads. It allows you to bid on a better spot for your ads, but it also takes your popularity into account. Ads that are only clicked on a few times will receive a lesser place than an ad that receives one hundred clicks a day, even if you attempt to bid higher for that keyword. Google AdWord also begins displaying your ads immediately.

With this in mind, you must have several factors in play. We’ll begin with the general structure. Google AdWord advertising is most often four lines, although you may just need three. A title fewer than 25 characters and a URL of no more than 35 characters is recommended. Naturally, your title or heading will be what attracts initial attention so give special attention to that area of your ad. You may not use all capitals, despite the fact that some sources encourage it, Google specifically does not.

There are some considerations to take into account prior to making arrangements with Google AdWord. First, webmasters already know that the quality of visits is much more important than the quantity of visitors. What good is it to have a million visits if only minute fractions are enjoying your site and even fewer are responding to your pay per click advertising?

Target the correct audience with the correct words to locate your best niche. Without effectively narrowing your product or service information, you will find your ads are displaying in situations that are not in the best interest of you or your company.

Focus on your use of direct keywords and the wording of your ads. Failure to do this will increase your advertising costs because the clicks will not produce results. You will be paying for flawed advertising.

Google has already anticipated this need and does have free online documentation for webmasters or businesses considering Google AdWord services. There are hundreds of blogs and articles online to help you pinpoint specific keywords with accuracy. Google also offers Analytics software to narrow down your keyword choices.

Consider using more obscure or original keywords. This odd practice has helped many and it costs much less than an expensive popular keyword. A unique phrase or word in your ad, increases the odds that your ads standout from others in your same field. For example, say you run a software company by the name of “My Software.” If you place an ad under the keyword “software” it will be more expensive. If you use your business name, “My Software,” your costs will decrease.

Above all, clearly state what your product or site provides. You do not want erroneous clicks, they waste the time of your visitors, and waste your PPC marketing dollars.

Your web site validity must not rely on Google. Provide visitors with a worthwhile visit when they click that link you provide. What does your landing page look like? Is it professional and polished? Is the necessity for “scrolling” minimized? Or does your site read like an exaggerated legal form that just continues going and going? Are your links mismatched? Does the page load quickly at most connection speeds?

Good advertising in conjunction with a sleek, professional web site will ensure your internet marketing dollars are well spent. It also goes a long way in making your Google AdWord campaign a successful pay per click strategy.