Forex Robot – Top Forex Robot Comparison at its Best for a Thorough Understanding of its Features

Forex Robot – Top Forex Robot Comparison at its Best for a Thorough Understanding of its Features

Forex has a wide range of robots that cater different needs for different traders. We are always in a hurry to label a product without thorough investigation, which, sometimes may be utterly wrong. This article gives you a good assessment of the two top forex robots, namely, FAP Turbo robot and Ivybot robot.

Both robots are automated and can trade 24/7 with high accuracy. Both are equipped with AI – Artificial Intelligence that enables the robot to analyze and trade with reason and not randomly. Both the robots are designed by Forex after years of experience in currency trading. They can trade at the foreign Exchange Market. It is not expensive and does not require a huge capital. The initial purchace comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, user manual, easy to follow video, lifetime forex membership, licence to trade and an account to start trading. Both robot need internet connection to trade.

Ivybot is more of a recent launch than FAP Turbo robot. Ivybot can trade in multi-currency pairs whereas Turbo trades only in one currency pair. FAP T can trade even while you are sleeping or occupies with something else. Ivybot is very simple to install where as FAP Turbo may sometimes require assistance from forex customer care while installation. Ivybot receives regular weekly updates where as FAP Turbo is not equipped with the same. FAP Turbo is voted top two in a recent forex robot survey. Many trades making profits are bound to have used FAP Turbo. But Ivybot is relatively a new robot , nevertheless, revolutionary at the forex market.

Distinct features:
FAP Turbo
FAP Turbo robot requires a capital of 50$ to start trading.
It can trade in one currency pair which is EUR/CHF.
It can trade even while you are asleep with the use of VPS – Virtual Private Server. When you wish your robot to trade even while you are sleeping or occupied in some work, you can choose this option which enables the robot to trade even when your system is off. But, this comes with some extra charge for hoisting.
It uses meta trader 4 platform for optimised positive trading.
Installation requires about 15 minutes and sometimes assistance from forex customer care.

Ivybot robot is the newest robot from forex.
It requires a capital of 50$ to start trading.
Ivybot robot can trade in four currency pairs, which are , EUR/USD, USD/CHF, EUR/JPY and USD/JPY. This is because the robot software is made of four independent robots which trade in each currency pair respectively with assistance from EA – Expert Advisor feature.
Receives regular weekly updates making it never outdated.
Installation is very easy and requires about 15 minutes to complete installation process.