Five Indicators You Need To Outsource Software Development

Andrei Kasyanau, Co-founder and CEO at Glorium Technologies. Startup Advisor, an expert in health tech, real estate tech.

Over the past few years, the position of software outsourcing has been strengthened due to more and more companies opting for custom software solutions or involving external experts to extend the capabilities of internal tech teams.

There are certainly benefits to outsourcing, especially since you get a solution that is designed to address your business or technical challenges. But is it the right option for your company, and when is it time to start outsourcing your software development?

Here are the five most prominent signs you need to kick off your hunt for a reliable software development partner.

Lack Of The Necessary Expertise And Skills

Unless your primary business focus is software development, chances are high that you reach a point when the in-house team lacks some specific skills needed to meet project needs.

For example, your project takes an unexpected pivot—now it requires blockchain or artificial intelligence to function properly, but your team has little or no experience working with these technologies. One option is to retrain your existing team or assemble a new one. But both scenarios require an investment of many hours and resources. With outsourcing, you can scale up your team with the right specialist anytime.

An Overloaded In-House Team

With the growth of your business, the need for software development will also grow exponentially. If you have an in-house team working full-time on your project, it may happen that a project load exceeds its timeline, making it nearly impossible to keep up with an ongoing project or take on a new one. Regular work on weekends or late at night isn’t the best way to get your project done since your team will most likely burn out.

In this case, get a reliable software development partner to power up your in-house team. This will help expedite the process and get everything done on time.

The Necessity To Speed Up

Occasionally, the timeframes for a project delivery are limited. That might become an issue as no one wants their release to go live later as opposed to sooner. This is especially true when you’re about to present a new feature in an app or you want to stay ahead of your competitors.

If you feel your team cannot keep up with fast updates and you need help to stay ahead of the game, it’s time to outsource your project development. Once you give it a chance, you’ll be able to speed up the delivery of your project and see tangible results faster.

Flexible Workload Of In-House Team

If your project’s expansion is overtaxing resources that are already stretched to capacity, it’s time to get outside help. Scaling your team with full-time employees is a lengthy and costly process. And you cannot hire a specialist just to carry out a few tasks—you also need to cover their idle time. Choosing outsourcers on a flexible model of cooperation could be the cure to overspending and missed deadlines.

Or what if you find yourself unexpectedly having to deliver a large number of updates to outperform your key competitors or improve your services? A solution to this problem can be found in outsourcing to a third-party vendor that is equipped to manage any volume of development processes that you are not, and they can jump on and off your project at any time.

While outsourcing, you can build a team based on your current workload and high-priority tasks. For example, the time and material engagement model lets you pay the vendor for the amount of time the team spent on your project. If your project requires more hands, you can opt for the staff augmentation model.

Increasing Difficulty Of Finding The Right Talent

Whenever you decide to find a new teammate, you’ll have to grapple with the ever-rising challenge of filling in your talent gaps. According to U.S. Labor statistics, the global talent shortage is projected to reach 85.2 million, which is set to result in a loss of $8.4 trillion in revenue.

Apart from the global tech talent shortage, there is a rising demand for software engineers. Job openings for software engineers, testers and other software development specialists are projected to grow by 25% year over year from 2021 to 2030.

Hiring top-notch talent is easier with outsourcing. You get access to battle-tested software engineers with the right expertise at any time without having to jump on the recruitment wagon again and again.

Outsource The Right Way

Outsourcing all alone can’t do the trick and solve all your business issues at once. However, doing it with the right team that has the right skills can save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours. Along with this, you have access to a larger talent pool with greater flexibility. It’s not a coincidence that more businesses are looking for software development outsourcing services rather than assembling an in-house team.

However, it’s necessary to find a reliable tech partner that can satisfy all your business needs and deliver a high-quality software solution. Following this algorithm may help you:

Establish your own requirements and decide on the budget

Research companies or ask for recommendations

Create a shortlist of the best software development companies for your needs

Check their technical expertise and experience in an industry or projects similar to yours

Pay attention to the chemistry between your potential vendor and you

Hiring a software development consultant is always an option. Even if you don’t end up with the vendor as their go-to company to work on the version of your future software, they can help you with business analysis, research and even finding the right company to work on your project.

With careful consideration, software development outsourcing can take the burden of developing a custom solution off your shoulders so your business can achieve its objectives.

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