Email Marketing Strategy To Motivate the Opt-In

Email Marketing Strategy To Motivate the Opt-In

When you first start out in internet marketing you are probably going to focus on building your site, developing quality content and then doing all the leg work to build links and get your pages ranked. You are Holy Grail is to get on page 1 of Google right? Well what happens when that becomes a reality and you have a steady stream of visits? Are you counting on your content alone to capture their attention? Would it not be great if you could find a way to keep contact with them?

Well there is and you are going to want to consider creating your own email marketing list and apply your own email marketing strategy.

If you’re thinking “If email is such a great marketing tool why don’t I just buy a list” then know this. First of all finding a legitimate email list broker is getting more and more difficult and buying the wrong list could get you in trouble with the CAN SPAM law.

Secondly, the big problem with these lists is that they are not targeted leads. They didn’t specifically request what you have to offer. You could get lucky and maybe a few might be interested but chances are that most of them won’t be.

So what is the solution?

Build your own list.

That might sound a bit daunting but it really isn’t. Besides, which list would you rather own. Eighty addresses where the subscriber specifically opted in for your email or a 1,000 email list full of people that never heard of you before? Would you have more fun and interact more at a party where you knew everybody, or at a place where you knew nobody and they didn’t know you?

It’s all about building relationships.

So how do you motivate that visitor from Google to sign up for your list? Well you want to reward them in some way and one of the best ways is to give that visitor something of value for free.

Free downloads.

There are tons of free stuff that you can give away to your list. You can give away things like free articles, free PDF, videos, software downloads, free ebooks, and free templates. Think of something that your market would be interested in a give it away to help build up your list. You can put the freebies on your website and make it password protected so only your list will know the password. You keep giving away free stuff to your subscribers and that will keep them happy and keep them coming back for more.

Write your very own Ebook.

You could write something that gives your subscribers what they are interested in. A good eBook is likely to pull in many subscribers. Many successful marketers use this one tactic to get people to subscribe to their list. If you think writing an eBook is difficult, think again. After all you’re not going after the Pulitzer Prize you just want to deliver valuable information.

You can start by writing 15 articles that are 1000 to 1500 words long that would benefit your readers. These articles can cover something generic or you can break it down into smaller niches. The important thing to remember is to offer them quality content and your writing is original

Place all of your articles into notepad or Microsoft Word. And then create a nice looking graphic design as the cover. Be sure to include your name, the name of your business, your business address, and a statement advising that the contents are copyright protected. For even more traffic tell your readers to refer others so they can get a free copy too.

When you are finished with your document you can then turn it into a portable document format file using a free PDF converter. Presto you are the proud author of an ebook.

If you are not that great at writing then you might want to think about outsourcing the whole process to someone else or even shopping the better PLR sites for a ready made book.

The more you cater to your list the better off you will be in the long run and the more money you will make with this email marketing strategy.