Document-Driven – A Type of Decision Support System

The Decision Support Systems (DSS) are generally a collection of computerized data system that supports some decision-making actions. They consist of interactively computer-based systems and subsystems and comprise of few types. One of them is the document-driven DSS. The decision support systems (DSS) are able to present the information in graphic forms and include an artificial intelligence (AI) or expert system. This could be the aim amongst business executives or other possible knowledge workers. The systems and subsystems are used to aid decision makers to use data, knowledge, communication technologies and models to complete their tasks.

The decision support systems is capable of gathering and presenting several typical information such as comparative data figures, accessing information assets that include relational and legacy data sources, consequences of diverse decision alternatives, providing past experiences in a particular context as well as projecting figures according to assumptions or new data.

There are several types of DSS that include communication-driven DSS, knowledge-driven DSS, model-driven DSS, data-driven DSS and lastly, the document-driven DSS. Basically the document-driven type is the most common support application targeted among a wide base of users. Its main function is to search web pages and look for documents based on precise set of keywords or terms. They are also specifically designed to convert the documents into important business data. The common technology methods used to set up such DSS are through a client or server system or via the web.

Compared to data-driven DSS that relies on existing data in the standardized format that lends itself to database analysis and storage, the document-driven type of support will make use of the data which are not easily stored or standardized. Basically there are three major categories of data used in the document-driven DSS, namely the oral type or transcribed conversations, video type or news reports and television commercials and written type such as memos, reports, and emails.

None of these data formats are able to lend themselves effortlessly to standardized database analysis and storage so managers will need some DSS tools to convert the data into something that is valuable in the process of decision making. The document-driven support system is the latest division of study under the decision support systems. Examples of the systems can be found in several search engines in the internet where they are specially invented to sift huge amount of unsorted data through the search using keywords. I hope you got proper knowledge after reading this article.