Metaverse: a digital environment that has revolutionised the way business is done 

The metaverse offers a digital universe full of opportunities for companies wishing to boost their growth in the marketplace   The term metaverse is very popular in the fields of technology, computing and business. Its development has enabled greater interaction between people, without the need to share the same space. This innovative tool is growing […]

Impact of Digital Transformation and Trends

How companies will transform by adopting these technologies: A digital transformation strategy is to create capabilities to fully leverage the possibilities and opportunities in new technologies and to make a faster and better impact. This is a strategy which businesses should adopt if they want to A digital transformation strategy is to create capabilities to […]

Computech – The Future of Technology

The field of technology has been rapidly evolving and advancing over the past few decades, and the development of computech has played a major role in shaping our future. Computech, also known as computational technology, refers to the use of advanced computer algorithms and software to analyze and interpret complex data. This technology has revolutionized […]

Top 10 technology startup stories of 2022

Computer Weekly’s 2022 startup coverage included a number of case studies on how startups are collaborating with a variety of organisations, from helping refugee support groups with the underlying tech of a system for reporting against migrants, to helping the UK government circumvent end-to-end encryption. Other coverage looked at general startup trends, including the […]

Top 10 technology and ethics stories of 2022

A major focus of Computer Weekly’s technology and ethics coverage in 2022 was on working conditions throughout the tech sector, from the issue of forced labour and slavery throughout technology supply chains, to UK Amazon workers staging spontaneous “wildcat” strikes in response to derisory pay rises and warehouse conditions. Other stories in this vein […]

12 high-profile tech opportunities for those job hunting

This content was produced in partnership with ZipRecruiter. Contents Software Developer – Average Salary $110,000 Data Scientist – Average Salary $100,000 A.I. Specialist – Average Salary $125,000 IT Manager – Average Salary $150,000 DevOps Engineer – Average Salary $120,000 Computer Network Architect – Average Salary $120,000 Systems Analyst – Average Salary $100,000 Information Security Analyst […]

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