A Simple Way To Design Professional Websites In Less Than 15 Minutes Using Artisteer

I have been a webmaster for over five years now and I have used a number of softwares and techniques.

I have used very simple softwares like Microsoft Frontpage and the complex ones like the now called adobe Dreamweaver.

In my years of experience using these softwares, I have come to understand that you need some skills and extensive knowledge to be able to churn out interesting website designs.

All that has changed (at least for me).

With the knowledge of Artisteer, I can now design up to fifteen custom websites in a week and that knowledge has greatly increased my income and greatly saved me about 105% of the time I would ordinarily use in designing the same number of websites.

Artisteer is a software used primarily for the design of website templates. With Artisteer you can design your own custom template for ordinary html website, WordPress blog, Joomla and Drupal CMS application.

With this software, you do not need to learn or know much about website design. All you need to do is to know how to edit the templates with your simple web editors like Frontpage.

The websites you design can be very professional for corporate organizations, banks, NGOs, schools, and you just name the rest.

With this software, you can change the website background to any of their in-built custom backgrounds or upload any one of your choice from you computer. You can also change the layout design to either a single column, double column or triple column website layout. You can select the position of your navigation buttons and you can also change the style and size of your navigation buttons.

You can virtually do everything possible in website design with this software Artisteer.

The software is a free downloadable product with a thirty days trial period.