3 Tips for Fostering Networking Relations

Networking is centered around establishing, fostering and developing relationships. It is a connecting agent for success in business, academics and careers. In order to be a successful networker, it is important to handle relations with care. Respecting people, protocol and ethics are also critical factors in the correspondence. Understanding, valuing and appreciating your connections can yield many rewards.

Listed below are a few tips for nurturing quality bonds within your networks.

Tip #1: Humanize the Connection

We are moving more and more into virtual environments and expanding our reaches across the globe. Increases in technologies and various forms of communication can make networking too automated. Thus, lacking a personal component in relationships. As you are connecting and growing your networks, personalize your efforts to remain genuine and authentic. Take time to reach out with direct rather than generalized messages. Get to know your counterparts and highlight shared interests / passions. Use methods of merging networks to acknowledge common ground and similarities.

Tip #2: Invest in the Connection

Suggest times to meet and reconnect to stay aware of goals, objectives, etc. Share quality time focusing on the needs, accomplishments and happenings of individuals in your networks. Be intentional about building your social capital and offering tremendous value. Offer ways to support and promote the interests of those in your networks, and vice versa. Share relevant and useful information while being open and available to do business.

Tip #3: Refresh the Connection

From time to time, evaluate the status of your relationships. Take note of ways in which the relationship is growing or areas where it may be lacking. Renew ideas, agendas, plans and objectives to stay on course in your journey. Do not be afraid to pivot or restructure aspects of your connection when expectations change. Be flexible, considerate and patient throughout the processes.

Use these tips to cultivate and strengthen bonds within your networks. Be observant and show interest in your counterpart and vice versa. Value your connections and be diligent in developing ways to interact and advance in your networks.